United Notions….

As the United Nations debated America’s record on race
Roger David Hardesty noted

August 16 at 10:06pm ·
from Portland, Oregon

This report gives Portland’s Human Rights Commission cover to dismantle their Police Community Relations Committee, which has been operating as a front for a police agenda while racial profiling continues unabated here. No improvements to data collection; many of the Chief’s egregious polices appear as if from this police-centric body, and make a sham out of claims that public input has been accommodated. The United Nations calls for specific, remedial action, not consensus building.”

aca4U.S. Record on Racial Discrimination is on the Whole World’s Agenda

There are solutions:  examples of “directed activity” are in the ACLU’s shadow report. It is completely legitimate to establish benchmarks, and pursue a directed course of action to establish human rights. This from a link, models the kind of work the UN expects in the actual pursuit of Eliminating All Forms of Racial Discrimination.http://www1.umn.edu/humanrts/CERDConcludingComments2008.pdf

educsIn Portland, even with prodding from the DOJ, it’s still taking three years to release police ‘analysis’ of stop data. When they ran into huge problems of cops not reporting, they simply dropped that 6-month period in their analysis. When contemplating data collection in a survey study recently, City Hall and PPB balked at releasing source data to the public who paid for it. If you see an overall problem with police policing themselves, you’ll understand a disinterested group needs to step in, understand from the DoJ what data is required to make a case of racial profiling, design data acquisition plans & analysis methodologies. BTW: Chief Reese already contracts with PSU, and then hired kids out of the program: the CJPRI has been compromised.
Here’s a Consult Hardesty blog post, sorta on point:


When cops want City Hall to approve of some shenanigans, we often see the Chief’s request portrayed as if it arises from our Human Rights Commission through a subcommittee that Roger David now styles the ‘Police Community’ Relations subcommittee. 
  • Flanagan Tim Disparagement and dismissal of the UN is driven by the corporate-owned press. The United Nations is trying to do a difficult job, but the corporate cons in America use their veto power to prevent progress. Besides using a veto to invalidate unanimous decisions at the UN, the USA also refuses to pay their share.If corporate America would not stand against them, the UN could get more done.

heartlessThe only entity “threatened” by the U.N. are members of the Fortune 500. The UN has been taking them to task for profiteering and corruption.
I think this is useful.

But the corporate elites do not…
so, they use their media resources
(ALL of the wire services) to attack the United Nations in the same way they have a
ttacked unions in an attempt to prevent organizing.

peacesignportlandBack in the day… the UN once was dominated by America. But this is no longer the case. Now the U.N. is struggling to fight against corporate hegemony, but with a dwindling budget and deep pocket corporations (and the US Government) challenging them at every turn.

Unions and the UN are on your side.
Don’t swallow the bait.


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