False Choices

a-sunflower-from-maggieConservatives vs Liberals
is a Corporate Con Game…

False Choices; Logical Fallacies.

We are both liberal and conservative…

We want to conserve what we value
(the environment, U.S. Constitution,
the Bill of Rights, Civil Rights, Human
Rights, Peace, Justice and Freedom)
and we need proactive civic-engagement
with the American liberal and progressive agenda:

franklin-d-roosevelt-and-wifeWith Apologies
to Franklin
Delano Roosevelt
And his wife Eleanor Anna Roosevelt

All we really want is:

1. The right to employment.

This would create economic policies encouraging full employment and removing corporate incentives for moving profits overseas.

livingwage2. The right to a living wage.

This would reduce the stresses and inequities inherent in hugely disproportionate wages: (1% vs. the 99% } Today if we had living wage laws indexed to the cost of living, the hourly minimum wage would be $22 an hour or more.

A living wage or salary is sufficient to keep a family above the poverty line. $15/hr is progress.

farmers3. The right of farmers to adequate remuneration: legislation and
policies must allow family farmers
a conspicuous advantage over
agribusiness. Agribusinesses
must be required to pay their share.

4. The right of businesses,
large and small, to fair compensation.

Instead of facing entrenched corporate monopolies, we need equity. Corporations are not people, they are legal myths which exist only according to rights guaranteed by their charters. We need updated
and strengthened anti-trust laws to break up monopolies, reduce mega-mergers and encourage fair competition Large corporations can survive and prosper without taxpayer bailouts or corporate welfare.

housing3912262521_873ff9f0265. Housing: well-built low-income housing.

There is no excuse for homelessness in the richest and most powerful nation on earth. I don’t buy it and neither should anyone else. So-called trickle-down economics don’t work. Americans have been tricked and trickled on long enough. Now we need accountability.

6. Healthcare as a Constitutional Right.

avermont12_2The only solution for our health-care delivery problems is single-payer, non-profit health care. We have to take the insurance cartels off the table. Let them eat cake, and invest somewhere other than betting against the health of everyday people in America. Universal, non-profit health care is a global solution… opposed only by fascists, tyrants, monarchies and corporate fat-cats in the good ol’ U.S.A.

7. A strong social safety net is just common sense.

In the richest and most powerful nation on earth, we cannot afford not to take care of our children, the elderly, and the sick and abused. We must find the courage to protect the most vulnerable members of our nation and communities. Guaranteed retirement pensions will stop efforts to privatize Social Security). Unemployment insurance, disability insurance, and the other programs that work must be preserved.

educs8. Universal Education through four years of college at any state school.

We need to repair our schools by putting teachers back in charge. Educational professionals, not congress, business, or corporate hacks should be running our schools. Education should be free and compulsory for primary and secondary levels and free for those who choose to undertake the first four years of undergraduate school. The GI Bill proved this works.

9. An End to Capital Punishment and a restoration of the rule of law.

mt_abolition_coalition1No more killing prisoners, checking our library cards, spying on our computer transactions or starting extra-constitutional corporate wars
of choice through destabilization, attack, invasion, occupation and exploitation of sovereign nations and their people. To say nothing about rendering for torture, rape and murder. These crimes must end.

10. We must secure the peace, seek justice, reduce munitions, and preserve freedom while restoring civil rights at home, and international collaboration abroad. We can restore infrastructure, revitalize our people and build bridges to a sustainable future.

Si, se puede.



“Trillions of dollars currently “invested” in war, munitions, insurance cartels, overseas accounts and other forms of corporate welfare, can be redirected and put into more sustainable and producti…

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